During a four month backpacking trip through Ghana and other African Countries and cities, our founder, experienced rsthand, the abuse and horrible conditions which men, woman, young people and children in particular were subjected to. Disgusted and disappointed by this experience, he began work towards creating a vehicle to drive change and to help alleviate the suffering that the underprivileged are aficted with. His idea of mobilizing several individuals who share the dream of making a change across the continent and most importantly the West African Sub Region.. On realizing how his personal efforts had directly, positively and effectively changed the lives of the many disadvantaged individuals and families that came into contact with him, he knew he could do more with a collective force and a united voice. He then began a campaign to create awareness about some of the issues and the challenges confronting individuals and families and thus (Forever Family Int) was born . Through a homegrown network of friends, family and volunteers in different regions of Ghana, we are able to collate and track contributions of all forms from across board. All such activity will be publicized through our website as a means to engage a much wider audience

Forever Family International

Client Name
: Benson
: Raw PHP
Start Date
: 1st Feb, 2021
End Date
: 9th Feb, 2021
: Completed